Your food products deserve only the finest of cheese, made with passion and know-how. Discover our broad portfolio of delicious high-performance cheeses for use across many applications. We support food professionals with an unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise and experience built up over many years.

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Quality cheese you can count on

Like you, we understand the cheese properties that go into making the most delicious dishes everyone wants a bite of. Whether you want a cheese to produce the best pizzas or ready meals or for grating, slicing or processing, we promise a wide range of industrial cheeses that perfectly match any application. You can be assured of reliable global supply and full traceability from the cow to the end product. 

IND Industry Mozzarella


Mozzarella is characterised by a mild milky taste and its stringy stretchy texture, making it the iconic cheese for pizza.

IND Industry Gouda


Gouda is known for its age-specific mild or ripened taste, smooth, creamy texture and ease of handling. It melts quickly and evenly, and is an aromatic cheese in hot applications.

IND Industry Edam


Edam has a mild salty taste and a smooth texture, plus you can vary the salt and fat content to achieve the perfect cheese for your application.

IND Industry Emmental


Mild, nut-like and sweet, with distinctive large eye formations, our Emmental is easy to slice due to our unique production processes and quality inspections.

Partners in enriching your business

Our mission is to share our expertise to enrich your business and inspire new ideas. We have our feet on the ground in your markets, and keep you ahead of the latest trends through our ongoing research, sensory profiling, consumer studies and scientific data. Add our readiness to collaborate and the sprinkle of imagination and creativity we bring to all our work, and you have a recipe for success.

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Related Applications

Our wide range of industrial cheeses perfectly match any application - industrial pizzas or ready meals or for grating, slicing or processing.

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Cheese for Pizza

We believe your customers deserve the perfect pizza. Our passion is to deliver the premium ingredients that get everyone wanting a slice.

Related Products

Everything we do is driven by supporting you to create the delicious products your customers love you for. With our broad portfolio of ingredients and cross-disciplinary team of experts, we can help overcome whatever challenges you face.

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Traditional Butter

All our butters are made from one single ingredient: cream. Produced year-round, our versatile traditionally churned butters add smooth mouthfeel and a buttery taste to a wide range of applications, including cakes, Viennoiserie, puff pastry, biscuits and ice cream.

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Texturised Butter

Our range of Texturised Butters is produced to meet the highest quality standards. These butters have a fixed melting point and are composed of the very best of our milk fats. They make life easier for producers because constant year-round quality is guaranteed, with no seasonal variations.

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Anhydrous Milk Fat

Our Anhydrous Milk Fats (AMF), also known as concentrated butter or butteroil, are tailored to applications in the food industry. Produced with fresh cream from our member dairy farms, our AMF meets the highest quality standards, ensuring both traceability and outstanding taste. We offer an extensive product portfolio, including AMF, standardised AMF and AMF speciality.

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Standardised Anhydrous Milk Fat

Our Standardised AMFs are characterised by their natural taste and year-round consistent quality. They are exclusively developed for the food industry and very popular with bakeries and dairy producers. Our AMFs fit every imaginable industrial application and feature a fixed melting point.

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Milkfat Blends

Our delicious dairy blends are the result of mixing butter or milkfat with vegetable oils. We offer a wide variety of blends and packaging options to meet your specific requirements and needs.

How we can support

your business

We offer peer-to-peer support at every stage, from the first inkling of an idea through to testing your end product with your target audience.