Chocolate confectionery

Anhydrous Milk Fat is known as ‘chocolate’s golden ingredient’. It is one of only a few ingredients lawfully permitted in its production. By relying exclusively on creams from our member dairy farms, we deliver best-in-class milkfat specialties for your premium chocolate products.

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Chocolate applications

Chocolate is one of the world’s most popular indulgent treats, and milkfat a key ingredient. Explore the unlimited possibilities of our superior milkfat and milkfat specialties, with a portfolio designed to cater to almost any chocolate challenge you face. With different milkfat fractions, we can tailor your end product functionalities to your needs, including texture, snap, and delayed bloom.

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Improved sensorial properties

Give your chocolate products a creamy, butter flavour boost and a soft and silky texture and mouthfeel. Our milkfat is specially designed to enhance your end product quality and delight consumers. Plus, you can enjoy benefits in production since our milkfat fractions can be processed, packaged and labelled in precisely the same way as AMF.

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Top chocolate texture

Good snap and solidity are an important property of high-quality chocolate delicacies. Our milkfats deliver a satisfying hard bite without a waxy mouthfeel.

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Effective in the heat

Working with chocolate in warm climates presents particular challenges. Our milkfat fractions are specially designed to overcome issues associated with variations in temperature. Open up new market opportunities with chocolate products that exceed consumer expectations, and generate repeat sales, not complaints! Benefits include exceptional mouthfeel, prolonged enjoyment and stable product quality.

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Delayed migration bloom

Combatting migration bloom can compromise the quality of your filled chocolate products – a challenge we understand all too well. We therefore offer milkfat fractions designed to delay migration bloom, with no compromise on quality. Now you can double the shelf life of your filled chocolates, prolong the sensory experience and open up new market opportunities.

Related Product Categories

Explore our high-performing products in chocolate applications.

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Anhydrous Milk Fat

Our Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF), also known as concentrated butter or butteroil, is tailored to applications in the food industry. Produced with fresh cream from our member dairy farms, our AMF meets the highest quality standards, ensuring both traceability and outstanding taste.

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We offer a wide range of creams with different fat and sugar ratios to suit your unique products and processes. Our creams add a traditional taste and excellent firmness/stand plus perfect aeration for all your applications.

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Duo cream, vegetable & vegan alternatives

Our DUO blend of vegetable and dairy cream, and vegan plant-based alternative products offer outstanding functionality with high overrun and a beautiful white colour. They are perfect for all your fillings, decorations and other applications.

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Standardised Anhydrous Milk Fat

We offer a complete range of butter specialities with 99.8% milkfat, each one adapted for your specific applications. Our Standardised AMFs are characterised by their natural taste and year-round constant quality.

Supporting your successful innovations

There are three stages in every successful product launch, and we can support you every step of the way, expert to expert, in making your innovative concepts a successful reality.

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We provide insights and ideas to help you identify gaps and trends, and come up with fresh ideas.
Insights & Ideas
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We focus on perfecting your prototype, using our extensive database of turnkey recipes to get your winning products to market faster.
Concepting & prototyping
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We provide you with fast and detailed market feedback, so you can tweak your end products to perfection.

How we can support

your business

We offer peer-to-peer support at every stage, from the first inkling of an idea through to testing your end product with your target audience.