Encapsulated Ingredients

Encapsulation is a technique that involves enclosing food ingredients, enzymes, cells, or other materials in small capsules. Within the food industry, encapsulation has been increasingly used due to its numerous benefits.


At FrieslandCampina Professional, we use the latest encapsulation technology to convert oils into stable dairy and non-dairy powders, while preserving their functional value. By opting for the encapsulated ingredients from our Kievit portfolio, industrial food manufacturers like yourself can enjoy the ease and practicality you need, without sacrificing the nutritional value of your products. 

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Why Partner Us

We are committed to improving the world’s nutrition today, and for generations to come. With our specialised knowledge in encapsulated ingredients, advanced technologies, global teams, and state-of-the-art facilities, you can count on us to deliver excellence, every step of the way.

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Pioneers in Innovation

We have over 70 years of experience in emulsifying, spray drying, micro-encapsulation, and agglomeration.

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Constantly Innovating to Better Serve Our Customers

Our cutting-edge technologies allow us to continually enhance the properties of powders and tailor them to our customers' preferences.

Cutting-edge Facilities for Innovation

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities: Wageningen Innovation Centre, and the Meppel Pilot Plant.

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Fostering Collaboration on a Global Level

We bring multidisciplinary teams together from around the world to develop the best possible solutions for our customers.

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Tailored Solutions for Customers

We customise encapsulated solutions to our customers’ specific requirements and provide end-to-end support to ensure their vision becomes a market-ready reality.

Product Solutions

We are proud to work alongside our customers to turn challenges into opportunities. With our diverse ingredient portfolio and expertise, we can co-create flavourful products your customers will love while providing the functionality you desire. Your vision, our expertise: a recipe for success.

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Fat Powders

Enhance the flavours, textures and richness of your ready meals, soups, sauces, and other creations with our high-performance fat powders, which are carefully formulated to provide outstanding taste, functionality, and a multi-sensory experience.

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Whipping Agents

Creating desserts that look as amazing as they taste takes more than just skills. It requires the finest whipping agents. Our range of high-quality whipping agents offer exceptional stabilisation, aeration, and luxurious textures to elevate the flavour and appearance of whipped cream desserts.

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Creamers & Foamers

We offer an extensive selection of creamers and foamers to cater to a wide range of beverage applications and dietary preferences. From convenient instant mixes, vending machines, and single-serve brewing systems to both dairy and non-dairy alternatives, we have it all.

IND Industry Cake Emulsifiers

Cake Emulsifiers

Designed to dissolve easily and maintain their stability for extended periods, our cake emulsifiers work flawlessly with cake premixes while giving food professionals the flexibility to customise their creations according to their market’s preferences.

Featured Products

We offer a broad range of products that can be used across various food applications. No matter what your requirements may be, we can guide you towards the right solution.

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Vana Monte

Our Kievit® Vana-Monte whipping agents range promises easy processes and instant, lasting aeration across all your bakery applications. Perfect your pastries and add (vegan) volume to your toppings, crème Chantilly, bakery creams, indulgent ice creams, mousses and more. 

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Kievit® Vana Cappa

Foaming creamers with lasting stability and texture. Our Kievit® Vana-Cappa foaming creamers create a beautifully stable foam layer on your instant drinks, and are also used in single-serve brewing systems. They replicate sensory qualities of a delicious full-flavoured frothy milk beverage.

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Kievit® Vana-Grasa

Enrich the mouthfeel, taste and texture of your pastries, decoration and (frozen) desserts with our Kievit® Vana-Grasa portfolio of multifunctional high-fat powders. With a fat content of up to 80%, they also act as a milk replacer in beverages. 

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Kievit® Vana-Sponge

Let your cakes rise to the occasion with our emulsifiers for superb aeration. Professionals across the world trust Kievit® Vana-Sponge to add height and volume to cake mixtures in one step, ensuring a beautiful structure and texture, with evenly distributed air bubbles.

Kievit Food Services

Kievit Foodservice

Are you a food service operator looking to create a signature drink or improve your beverage offerings? We offer an extensive range of versatile and high-quality ingredients that are carefully crafted to elevate the taste, presentation, and texture of milk teas, coffees and more!

How we can support

your business

We offer peer-to-peer support at every stage, from the first inkling of an idea through to testing your end product with your target audience.