As a pizza manufacturer, you want a choice of cheeses you can be confident will perform reliably and consistently every time. We offer a portfolio of high-quality cheeses for pizza and technical expertise built up over many years. So, whether you’re a producer of fresh or frozen pizzas, we help you create the perfect pizza.

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Pizza top tips

Every cheese type has its own distinctive melting and browning characteristics. To achieve consistent pizza quality, colour and structure, you need the most suitable cheese with the best baking qualities. We can support you in determining the right cheeses to ensure your pizzas deliver the same consistent quality every time. Serve up a tip-top pizza with our pizza top tips

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Steer the crispness

Our cheeses are suitable for all oven types and baking temperatures. From a soft and smooth to a golden-brown, crispy cheese topping, we promise a consistent result every time.

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Lovely blistering & gloss

Choosing the right cheeses is the key to achieving the perfect balance of bubbling cheese and a lovely gloss on your topping. We can help you to achieve the precise look you want and that will make your pizza stand out.

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Colour & browning

Each country has its own preferences when it comes to the perfect cheese on pizza – ranging from creamy white to dark brown. We can support you with our broad knowledge of our cheeses in application and the different expectations in each of the markets you serve.

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Favour your flavour

Different cheeses lend your pizza its own flavour and mouthfeel, from fresh and milky, to rich and aromatic. Depending on your desired taste profile, you could combine our Mozzarella with Emmental for a nuttier, sweeter flavour, or with Gouda to lend your topping a distinctive savoury taste. Whatever flavour combination you want, our passion is to make yours the pizza of preference.

Related Products

Discover our broad assortment of cheeses to be used for many applications.

IND Industry Mozzarella

Our mozzarella portfolio is designed with the market and application needs of our most discerning customers in mind. From state-of-the-art facilities, we are able to produce the perfect mozzarella with long stretch, a firm structure for easy shredding and minimal waste, and excellent browning and blistering performance.

IND Industry Gouda

Our award-winning naturally ripened Gouda cheeses promise very high and constant quality thanks to our long heritage in Dutch cheese production and control throughout the entire dairy chain. We offer different flavour profiles and functionality in various formats.

IND Industry Edam

Our Edam yields a mild, salty taste and smooth texture. We supply in different ages, salt and fat contents so you can control the flavour profile and functional properties of your pizzas and other products. It’s also suitable for processed cheese, snacks, and sliced and grated applications. 

IND Industry Emmental

Mild, nut-like and sweet, with distinctive large eye formations, our Emmental is easy to slice due to our unique production processes and quality inspections. It’s ideal for slicing, excellent for grating, great in mixed cheese recipes, plus it’s easy to handle.

Supporting your successful innovations

There are three stages in every successful product launch, and we can support you every step of the way, expert to expert, in making your innovative concepts a successful reality.

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We provide insights and ideas to help you identify gaps and trends, and come up with fresh ideas.
Insights & Ideas
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We focus on perfecting your prototype, using our extensive database of turnkey recipes to get your winning products to market faster.
Concepting & prototyping
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We provide you with fast and detailed market feedback, so you can tweak your end products to perfection.

How we can support

your business

We offer peer-to-peer support at every stage, from the first inkling of an idea through to testing your end product with your target audience.