Edam is very much a part of our heritage since it’s one of the first cheeses our dairy cooperative produced. We now offer an extensive portfolio of award-winning Edams varying in salt content and flavour intensity - all perfect for your industrial food manufacturing applications.

IND Industry Edam

Edam excellence

Edam is one of the first cheeses that our cooperative produced, so it’s a deep-rooted part of our heritage. The experience we have gained by producing Edam for more than a century is reflected in our extensive portfolio of Edams. Our recipes vary in salt content, fat content, intensity in flavour, and all of them are perfect for your industrial food manufacturing applications.

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A versatile solution

Our Edam yields a mild, salty taste and smooth texture. We supply in different ages, salt and fat contents so you can control the flavour profile and functional properties of your pizzas and other products. It’s also suitable for processed cheese, snacks, and sliced and grated applications. Available in various formats, it comes with a halal and vegetarian label, with no added colour or e-numbers.

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Our mission is to share our expertise to enrich your business and inspire new ideas. We have our feet on the ground in your markets, and keep you ahead of the latest trends through our ongoing research, sensory profiling, consumer studies and scientific data. Add our readiness to collaborate and the sprinkle of imagination and creativity we bring to all our work, and you have a recipe for success.

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Related Applications

Make the most out of your pizza, foodservice product, or shredded and sliced applications with our Edam cheeses. 

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Cheese for Pizza

We believe your customers deserve the perfect pizza. Our passion is to deliver the premium ingredients that get everyone wanting a slice.

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Everything we do is driven by supporting you to create the delicious products your customers love you for. With our broad portfolio of ingredients and cross-disciplinary team of experts, we can help overcome whatever challenges you face.

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We offer peer-to-peer support at every stage, from the first inkling of an idea through to testing your end product with your target audience.