Cream & Toppings

Create the perfect topping with indulgent creaminess, perfectly balanced flavour release and controlled whitening. Our versatile liquid creams and powdered whipping agents, DUO and vegan products consistently deliver the stability, aeration and lasting sharp edges you need. Plus you have the option of standard and speciality creams, and a vegan, palm-free or non-HVO label.

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Cream & Toppings Applications

Our versatile liquid creams, powdered whipping agents, blends and vegan products consistently deliver the stability, aeration and lasting sharp edges you need.

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Dairy cream 26%- 40%

If you’re looking for lasting firmness, high overrun, to adapt end product colour, or processing temperature is a criterion, we offer a full portfolio of sugared (and non-sugared) creams and blends for industrial bakeries. Our dairy creams range from 26-40% milkfat content and we bring you unparalleled understanding of your production processes, whipping techniques and desired functionality.

IND Industry Cream & Toppings

Vegan topping

Achieving the right functionality in your bakery, desserts and ice cream applications can be a challenge. With our plant-based liquid and powder solutions, you can now enjoy reliable functionality and outstanding end product quality. Kievit® Vana-Monte V98 instant whipping agent and VeganTop liquid solution bring exceptional overrun, convenience plus a creamy mouthfeel and clean taste.

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Dairy & vegetable toppings

We offer a broad portfolio of liquid and powder cream and vegetable oils. Kremia NVHF is a cream-alternative, and we also offer a wide selection of DUO blends that combine the best of cream and vegetable oils. To add aeration to indulgent whipped cream desserts, mousses, ice-cream and pastries, Kievit® Vana-Monte whipping agents promise a beautifully smooth, light and (acid) stable result.

Related Products

Explore our broad portfolio of ingredients for perfect cream and toppings.

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We offer a wide range of creams with different fat and sugar ratios to suit your unique products and processes. Our creams add a traditional taste and excellent firmness/stand plus perfect aeration for all your applications.

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Vana Monte

Our Kievit® Vana-Monte whipping agents range promises easy processes and instant, lasting aeration across all your bakery applications. Perfect your pastries and add (vegan) volume to your toppings, crème Chantilly, bakery creams, indulgent ice creams, mousses and more. 

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Traditional Butter

We offer a broad portfolio of traditionally churned butters. These versatile products can be used across a wide range of applications, and will lend your end products a deliciously smooth mouthfeel and unmistakable buttery taste.

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Duo cream, vegetable & vegan alternatives

Our DUO blend of vegetable and dairy cream, and vegan plant-based alternative products offer outstanding functionality with high overrun and a beautiful white colour. They are perfect for all your fillings, decorations and other applications.

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Kievit® Vana-Sponge

Let your cakes rise to the occasion with our emulsifiers for superb aeration. Professionals across the world trust Kievit® Vana-Sponge to add height and volume to cake mixtures in one step, ensuring a beautiful structure and texture, with evenly distributed air bubbles.

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Milkfat blends

Our long experience and expertise combined with our state-of-the art production plant enables us to create a wide range of high quality milkfat blends. Our delicious milkfat blends can be formulated using fresh butter or AMF in combination with vegetable oils to suit different applications.

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Texturised Butter

We offer a full range of high-quality Texturised Butters developed for automatic processes, and each one is tailored to specific applications. These butters are made using fresh dairy cream, and have a fixed melting point. 

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Anhydrous Milk Fat

Our Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF), also known as concentrated butter or butteroil, is tailored to applications in the food industry. Produced with fresh cream from our member dairy farms, our AMF meets the highest quality standards, ensuring both traceability and outstanding taste.

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Standardised Anhydrous Milk Fat

We offer a complete range of butter specialities with 99.8% milkfat, each one adapted for your specific applications. Our Standardised AMFs are characterised by their natural taste and year-round constant quality.

Supporting your successful innovations

There are three stages in every successful product launch, and we can support you every step of the way, expert to expert, in making your innovative concepts a successful reality.

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We provide insights and ideas to help you identify gaps and trends, and come up with fresh ideas.
Insights & Ideas
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We focus on perfecting your prototype, using our extensive database of turnkey recipes to get your winning products to market faster.
Concepting & prototyping
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We provide you with fast and detailed market feedback, so you can tweak your end products to perfection.

Packaging solutions

We understand the importance of ‘on time and in full’.

We offer flexible packaging solutions to meet your specific needs. Choose from 10 kg bags or 1000L containers to 25 tonne reefers, and options for cooled or uncooled supply. Through our dedicated logistics partner, we can offer solutions for liquid as well as highly viscous products.

How we can support

your business

We offer peer-to-peer support at every stage, from the first inkling of an idea through to testing your end product with your target audience.