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My name is Martijn Jozephs, and I am a Technical Sales Specialist here at FrieslandCampina Professional. My team acts as the bridge that connects R&D, sensory, sales, marketing and all the other relevant departments so that we can provide our customers with the right support. My role requires me to address the technical challenges of ingredients and recipe development, and work with our customers to develop appropriate solutions. Together, we identify the right solution fitting the needs of each customer, meeting the expected functionality.

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What can we offer?

For toppings and foam, it is all about overrun, firmness, texture, and of course, stability. We have the equipment, tools, and knowledge in-house to support you and adapt your development to your needs. In addition, we offer a broad portfolio of whipping agents to meet your requirements.


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Our Encaps Food Solutions

IND Industry Vana Blanca White Coffee
Kievit® Vana-Blanca

With over 100 different powdered solutions on offer, we define the market with our Kievit® Vana-Blanca dairy and non-dairy creamers. Our product portfolio promises unrivalled sensory delights from premium flavour to superior mouthfeel, and every attribute in-between. 

IND Industry Vana Cappa 1
Kievit® Vana Cappa

Foaming creamers with lasting stability and texture. Our Kievit® Vana-Cappa foaming creamers create a beautifully stable foam layer on your instant drinks, and are also used in single-serve brewing systems. They replicate sensory qualities of a delicious full-flavoured frothy milk beverage.

IND Industry Vana Cerea 3
Kievit® Vana-Cerea

Denoting quality and excellence, our Kievit® Vana-Cerea milk tea creamer has been a trusted product in Asia for more than 20 years. It reflects our unique ability to serve different sensorial expectations effectively.

IND Industry Vana Grasa 1
Kievit® Vana-Grasa

Enrich the mouthfeel, taste and texture of your pastries, decoration and (frozen) desserts with our Kievit® Vana-Grasa portfolio of multifunctional high-fat powders. With a fat content of up to 80%, they also act as a milk replacer in beverages. 

IND Industry Vana Monte 2
Vana Monte

Our Kievit® Vana-Monte whipping agents range promises easy processes and instant, lasting aeration across all your bakery applications. Perfect your pastries and add (vegan) volume to your toppings, crème Chantilly, bakery creams, indulgent ice creams, mousses and more. 

IND Industry Vana Sponge 2
Kievit® Vana-Sponge

Let your cakes rise to the occasion with our emulsifiers for superb aeration. Professionals across the world trust Kievit® Vana-Sponge to add height and volume to cake mixtures in one step, ensuring a beautiful structure and texture, with evenly distributed air bubbles.

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Blended Vegan Delight
Plant-based and Blended

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their impact on the planet, and about their own health. They expect plant-based alternatives, great taste and texture in lighter versions of their favourite food and blended options.

IND Industry Cream and Blends 5
New vegan whipping agent: Kievit® Vana-Monte V98
New vegan whipping agent: Kievit® Vana-Monte V98

Our portfolio of vegan whipping agents overcomes the technical challenge of delivering delicious foods and beverages with a plant-based label. We promise the same premium taste - without compromise!