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My name is Eva Jakob, a Technical Sales Specialist Cheese at FrieslandCampina Professional. With my 20 years of experience in dairy products, I have to say cheese is the one I love most. Working with such a beautiful, complex, and living product, and using it in so many delicious applications, is the perfect job for me.


In conversation with customers, I always strive to understand their needs and requirements so I can recommend the perfect solution from our high-performance delicious cheese portfolio. When it comes to pizza, Mozzarella is the cheese of choice for this iconic Italian dish.

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Mozzarella stretch

Our Mozzarella portfolio caters to the market and application needs of the most discerning customers. To determine whether the mozzarella will perform well on a pizza, we look at the firmness, mouthfeel, taste profile, texture, baking performance and we measure the stretch.


I enjoy many aspects of cheese, but one of the most desired properties of cheese is the stretch. It’s the measure of success for your industrial cheese applications. Stretch can be defined as ribbon-like and string-like. With ribbon-like stretch, strong thick cheese threads are formed, and with string-like, various smaller threads are formed. All our Mozzarella is produced to the latest technology standards and is clean label, vegetarian, and halal.

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What can we offer?

We understand better than anyone that the cheese properties you need depend on your specific application – and that your needs can change. Whichever cheese you choose, you can enjoy the reassurance of reliable global supply, plus consistently outstanding cheese properties, every single time.


Do you have very specific requirements in terms of stretch? Let us know and we can help to advise on and design the perfect stretch for your application.

Exterior Wageningen flags
Exterior Wageningen flags

Our Cheese Solutions

IND Industry Cheese 10

From Edam to Emmental, Mozzarella to Gouda, sliced, grated, bulk, nature-ripened or rindless, for pizza, ready meals, sandwiches and more, we have your cheese needs covered.

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Cheese for Pizza

We believe your customers deserve the perfect pizza. Our passion is to deliver the premium ingredients that get everyone wanting a slice.

IND Industry Mozzarella

Our mozzarella portfolio is designed with the market and application needs of our most discerning customers in mind. From state-of-the-art facilities, we are able to produce the perfect mozzarella with long stretch, a firm structure for easy shredding and minimal waste, and excellent browning and blistering performance.

IND Industry Gouda

Our award-winning naturally ripened Gouda cheeses promise very high and constant quality thanks to our long heritage in Dutch cheese production and control throughout the entire dairy chain. We offer different flavour profiles and functionality in various formats.

IND Industry Edam

Our Edam yields a mild, salty taste and smooth texture. We supply in different ages, salt and fat contents so you can control the flavour profile and functional properties of your pizzas and other products. It’s also suitable for processed cheese, snacks, and sliced and grated applications. 

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New vegan whipping agent: Kievit® Vana-Monte V98

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