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My name is Eric Driessen, a Technical Sales Specialist Cream of FrieslandCampina Professional. As a farmer’s son, I often think back to when we made our own whipping cream by skimming off the cream layer from the milk. The fresh whipped cream, served with chocolate custard, was delicious, and is still a favourite. I feel like a dream has come true since I started in the R&D world of dairy and dairy-related products 30 years ago.


Over the past 25 years, I have worked on developing different products and solutions within our cream portfolio. From whipped cream to culinary sauces, crème pâtissier to glazing agents and from dairy to plant based products, and just about every combination in-between. I am very proud of what we have achieved.

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Vegan cream with high overrun

We offer a broad range of solutions, for all your professional needs in the bakery, pastry and savoury market.


Did you know that with our Vegantop, we have a high overrun of up to 250%? With this whippable plant-based product, you get a cost-effective ingredient with great texture, taste and consistency.

What can we offer?

Our cream products retain their stability and firmness after whipping so you can leave them in the fridge for several days. They’re also freeze/ thaw stable. Add your own signature by combining with chocolate or fruit fillings – they won’t affect the superior properties of our creams. Cater to different dietary and label requirements with vegan solutions for decoration and filling, and non-HVO and RSPO SG vegetable oils.


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Our Cream Solutions

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Creams & Blends

We offer a broad range of innovative and premium-quality creams and blends for all your bakery and savoury applications, promising excellent firmness and stand and different fat percentages so you can be assured of the right solution for your needs.

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Cream & Toppings

Our versatile liquid creams and powdered whipping agents, blends and vegan products consistently deliver the stability, aeration and lasting sharp edges you need.

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Blended & Vegan Cream recipes

Let's get inspired by our cream solution that combines the best of dairy and vegetable oils. Click the button below to get more inspiration from the latest trend - Concious Curiosity.

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Blended Vegan Delight
Plant-based and Blended

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their impact on the planet, and about their own health. They expect plant-based alternatives, great taste and texture in lighter versions of their favourite food and blended options.

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New vegan whipping agent: Kievit® Vana-Monte V98
New vegan whipping agent: Kievit® Vana-Monte V98

Our portfolio of vegan whipping agents overcomes the technical challenge of delivering delicious foods and beverages with a plant-based label. We promise the same premium taste - without compromise!