Mozzarella, the iconic cheese for pizza, adds a mild and milky taste, satisfying stretch, and full mouthfeel. The crispy waffle has the perfect texture to hold all the ingredients in place, and most importantly to let the cheese melt out beautifully.

Versatile Good texture Indulgence
Traditional Butter

Our seasonally changing completely natural Traditionally Churned Butter is the perfect choice for cakes, brioches, biscuits and ice cream. It delivers a distinctive buttery taste and smell, and a smooth, homogenous texture. We offer sweet and lactic butter with firmness. Our lactic butter delivers a unique creamy flavour and can be used across a wide range of applications.

Versatile Good texture Indulgence
Traditional Winter Butter

Our traditional Winter Butter is produced only during the winter season, when the cows' diet results in a firmer product. Its texture makes it the preferred choice for producers of laminated dough products such as croissants and chocolate buns.

Versatile Good texture Indulgence
Winter Butter Prestige

Winter Butter Prestige is one of the better choices for the processing of laminated dough such as croissants or pains au chocolat. Produced only in the winter, our Prestige Winter Butter resolves the common issue of water release, minimising it to 0.5%, thus reducing your costs by managing the number of interruptions in your production process.

Applications expertise

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Baking and Pastry
Baking & Pastry

We are as passionate as you about creating baking & pastry products consumers simply can't resist.

IND Industry Beverages 1

Our comprehensive portfolio promises consistent quality combined with reliable supply and availability across all the regions you operate in. Plus, you can benefit from our unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the beverages market.  

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Chocolate Confectionery
Chocolate Confectionery

Using only cream from our own member farms, our Anhydrous Milk Fats enhance the fracture, firmness and functionality of your chocolate delicacies. 

Innovative solutions for your applications

Everything we do is driven by supporting you to create the delicious products your customers love you for. With our broad portfolio of ingredients and cross-disciplinary team of experts, we can help overcome whatever challenges you face.

IND Industry Butter & Milkpowder

Our products combine a buttery taste with technically perfect and user-friendly processing. We offer a broad portfolio for (semi) industries with the butter and milkfat types as well as the pack sizes you need.

IND Industry Cheese 10

From Edam to Emmental, Mozzarella to Gouda, sliced, grated, bulk, nature-ripened or rindless, for pizza, ready meals, sandwiches and more, we have your cheese needs covered.

IND Industry Cake Emulsifiers
Cake Emulsifiers

We offer a comprehensive selection of cake emulsifiers to enrich your bakery, (frozen)desserts and cake applications. Food professionals across the globe rely on our products to conveniently create the finest foods and beverages. 

IND Industry Vana Monte 1
Whipping agents

We offer a diverse and large portfolio of whipping agents, so you’re sure to find the solution you need. All our whipping agents promise superior stabilisation, excellent aeration and an indulgent taste profile.

IND Industry Cream and Blends 2
Creams & Blends

We offer a broad range of innovative and premium-quality creams and blends for all your bakery and savoury applications, promising excellent firmness and stand and different fat percentages so you can be assured of the right solution for your needs.

Creamers & Foamers
Creamers & Foamers

Our creamers and foamers are  specially tailored to your beverage applications, and cover  instant mixes, vending machines and single serve brewing systems. As innovators by nature, we are able to offer a wide range of high-performance products to match different customer needs, including dairy and non-dairy. 

IND Industry Glazing Agents 1
Glazing agents

Add artisan appeal to your bread and pastry products with our 100% food-safe glaze that is also free from eggs, lactose and allergens. Safedor is a ready-to-use glazing agent which can be used on all hardware and for various applications including croissants, Viennoiserie, brioche and hamburger buns, sausage rolls and more.

IND Industry Fat Powder 2
Fat Powders

Enhance your ready meals, soup, sauces and more with our high-performance fat powders. Benefit from the promise of delicious taste, a smooth, silky mouthfeel and the precise whitening your market or application call for. We can support you in fine-tuning your end products to exceed your market's expectations.