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Your market

Your application is our starting point. In co-creation, we create indulgent products your customers will love.

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Bakery and pastry

We’re as passionate as you about creating bakery and pastry products consumers simply can’t resist.

Chocolate confectionary

Chocolate confectionary

Chocolate is the go-to treat for many end consumers, and we are committed to collaborating with you to raise that sense of indulge to the next level.

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Pizza Cheese

We believe your customers deserve the perfect pizza. Our passion is to deliver the premium ingredients that get everyone wanting a slice.



We're here to help pinpoint the precise functionality to meet the latest trends in beverage taste, texture, colour, foam and frothiness.

Ice cream an desserts

Ice cream and desserts

Your ice creams and desserts applications, and the outstanding examples that set the market on fire, are what we delight in.

Soups Sauces Ready Meals

Soups Sauces Ready Meals

Soups, sauces and ready meals: all supermarket staples that sound simple, but call for the quality ingredients we specialise in to make them deserving of your most discerning consumers.

your innovation

By combining our expertise, we can add value to your new product development. Curious how? Watch our video!

Industrial solutions

Insights & ideas

Our ongoing research, annual Trend Reports, competitive landscaping, sensory marketing and online listening data feed your innovations. We help you to identify upcoming trends and gaps in the market, and brainstorm fresh ideas with you, expert to expert.

Industrial solutions


Once we have applied our insights to identify opportunities, we collaborate with you to bring your concepts to life. We stop at nothing to perfect your prototype. Our extensive database of turnkey recipes is the starting point to get your winning products to market faster. We can demonstrate the effects of tweaking an ingredient, and bring in experts from across the disciplines to work with you peer-to-peer in this stage.

Industrial solutions

Impartial feedback

Launching a new product represents a major investment for you, and potentially puts your reputation on the line. Our mission is to provide you with detailed feedback fast, allowing you to tweak your end products before you commit to launch. From consumer and sensory panels to growth hacking, we work with you to get your consumers’ honest, impartial opinions, and add a sprinkle of magic to enchant your consumers and set your products apart.


the potential

We’d love to hear from you! We can support in so many ways - from suggesting a single ingredient to partnering you in your new product development from initial concept to consumers’ plates.

A taste

of our innovations

Below is just a small selection of recent innovations in successful partnership with our customers.

Cheese cake

Premium indulgent cheesecake

Anticipating a rising demand for high quality cheesecake, and in line with the trend ’high quality, true indulgence’, leading bakery solutions experts Zeelandia and FrieslandCampina have joined forces to craft The New Cheesecake, a high-end quality alternative to the traditional New York cheesecake. Read more!

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New vegan whipping agent: Kievit® Vana-Monte V98

Our portfolio of vegan whipping agents overcomes the technical challenge of delivering delicious foods and beverages with a plant-based label. We promise the same premium taste - without compromise!

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Lamination with different types of butter

Butter is not just butter. All types of butter have their own characteristics and specific benefits. In this video, our Bakery Technologist Ben Haagsma explains the characteristics of different types of butter, and demonstrates the differences in the application of laminated dough.

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for industrial manufacturers

Tell us which problem you'd like to solve for your customers and we will support you with finding the right products and functionalities.


We have a long history of delivering high-quality milkfat, milk powder and natural butter to make end products better by enriching the taste, texture, creaminess and functionality.


From Edam to Emmental, Mozzarella to Maasdam, sliced, grated, bulk, foil-ripened or rindless, for pizza, ready meals, sandwiches and more, we’ve got your cheese needs covered.

Desserts and ice cream
Ice Cream and Desserts

Discover our high quality ingredients crafted to enrich your desserts and ice cream applications and add a sense of indulgence.

Mango Smoothie with Milk Cap
Beverage Enrichers

Explore the breadth, functionality and versatility of our beverage enrichers and get creative crafting exciting and captivating beverages for your customers.

Sweet & Savoury Enrichers
Sweet & Savoury Enrichers

Unlock the unparalleled breadth and depth of our savoury enrichers and take your bakery and pastry, confectionary, soups, sauces and ready meals to unprecedented heights.

whipping cream decoration

Discover our pasteurised cream, made only from the finest milk, and available in different fat percentages to add unique flavour to ice cream, dairy products and dairy snacks.