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The breadth and depth of our product portfolio is unrivaled. All our ingredients comply with the highest quality standards and promise consistent performance.


We have a long history of delivering high-quality milkfat, milk powder and natural butter to make end products better by enriching the taste, texture, creaminess and functionality.

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Discover our pasteurised cream, made only from the finest milk, and available in different fat percentages to add unique flavour to ice cream, dairy products and dairy snacks.


From Edam to Emmental, Mozzarella to Maasdam, sliced, grated, bulk, foil-ripened or rindless, for pizza, ready meals, sandwiches and more, we’ve got your cheese needs covered.

Mango Smoothie with Milk Cap
Beverage Enrichers

Explore the breadth, functionality and versatility of our beverage enrichers and get creative crafting exciting and captivating beverages for your customers.

Desserts and ice cream
Ice Cream and Desserts

Discover our high quality ingredients crafted to enrich your desserts and ice cream applications and add a sense of indulgence.

Sweet & Savoury Enrichers
Sweet & Savoury Enrichers

Unlock the unparalleled breadth and depth of our savoury enrichers and take your bakery and pastry, confectionary, soups, sauces and ready meals to unprecedented heights.

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Below are just some of our key brands. Refine your search to unlock the reputable names serving you.


Kievit is an acknowledged partner for food manufacturers and foodservice professionals who want powder products.

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Debic in good hands

Debic is a professional dairy brand for chefs, pastry chefs and other foodservice professionals. We provide a solid base of dairy tools you can trust blindly.

Cream Ice cream and desserts Butter

Today, people love lattes and cappuccinos and they account for more than 40% of all coffees sold. The great looks and taste are all in the milk foam. Perfect milk foam is crucial to making customers happy and increasing sales and profit.

Lattiz helps you to serve perfect quality.

Beverage Enrichers



Take inspiration from these recent concepts – just a taster of our game-changing solutions.

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Release the saucier in you!

Don't settle for less go original. The perfect sauce starts with the perfect base. For many years Debic has been setting the standard for professional cooking cream. The unrivaled binding and cooking functionalities of Debic Culinaire Original delivers quality and a guaranteed end result, without time or production loss. Because of the 20% milk fat it ensures the ideal balance in taste, making it perfect for preparing sauces. Release the saucier in you and discover inspiring recipes in our brochure.


Lattiz, the smart solution for perfect milk foam

Lattiz, the smart solution for perfect milk foam. Boost your business with perfect milk foam. Lattiz is a concept developed for restaurants, cafes, hotels, bakeries, offices and other out of home businesses. It gives coffee professionals an easy way to make consistent, high quality milk foam at the touch of a button.

Kievit Mango Cheesecake

Kievit Instant Milk Cap powder

This instant milk cap creates a delectable creamy layer on a wide range of drinks and desserts, which can be finished with a topping of choice. It doesn’t just look attractive, it delivers irresistible taste and texture too. And because it can be blended with milk or water, hot or cold, it’s a versatile ingredient that’s instrumental in inspiring the consumer experience.

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Below is a selection of recent innovations in successful partnership with our customers.

Debic Cream plus Mascarpone

Debic Cream plus Mascarpone

Debic Cream plus Mascarpone, a perfect mix of cream and mascarpone. Extra easy, extra rich! The product has been developed and tested by our customers and resulted into a perfect ready-to-use mix of cream and mascarpone. Perfect for adding richness to sweet and savoury dishes. Quick and easy to use, giving you more time to be creative.

vegan food and drinks

Kievit innovations revamp vegan menus

Our Kievit portfolio of vegan ingredients overcomes the technical challenge of delivering delicious foods and beverages with a plant-based label. We promise the same premium taste we’re proud of - without compromise!

Cheese cake

Premium indulgent cheesecake

Anticipating a rising demand for high quality cheesecake, and in line with the trend for ’high quality, true indulgence’, leading bakery solutions experts Zeelandia and FrieslandCampina have joined forces to craft The New Cheesecake, a high-end quality alternative to the traditional New York cheesecake. Read more!

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