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We are DEBIC

We are Debic

Debic is a professional dairy brand for chefs, pastry chefs and other foodservice professionals. One of the core components of culinary masterpieces is dairy, an essential ingredient for the success of chefs and bakers. We provide chefs and bakers with a solid base of dairy tools they can trust blindly. As a reliable partner, we support you in making your professional life easier, in whatever way we can. We understand the challenges that come with using dairy and make sure our products are very practical to use. Get to know our high-quality dairy products that are continuously innovated and optimized in terms of functionality.


Debic & Sustainability

As a chef or pastry chef, you prefer to work with the purest, tastiest ingredients. The best of what our planet has to offer. So does Debic. That is why we are committed to taking care of our planet. Together with our farmers. And with you!

Debic 100 years

Over 100 years of dairy expertise

Dairy is an important ingredient in every bakery and kitchen and contributes to the success of chefs, bakers and pastry chefs. 100 years ago Jean Debije started collecting milk, which has been the foundation of Debic today! See below some highlights of these 100 years.

Product categories

at a glance

Dairy products are essential in professional kitchens. Debic strives to make them as easy as possible to use on a day-to-day basis. Rich in taste an developed for professional use and to support you as a foodprofessional, so you can focus on what you do best. Create amazing food. Discover our products here.

Soft cream


In many cases cream is added as part of a dish or pastry to balance out the tase. It softens certain harder flavours, thus balancing them with other components on the plate. In addition, cream give structure and texture to dishes and pastry applications. Debic provides a wide range of cream products including whipping cream, spray cream and cooking cream.



There is an optimal butter choice for every application and processing temperature. Find the best product solution for your creations.



Desserts are the last thing your guests will remember from their evening at your restaurant. They are the perfect dishes to impress your guests and make a
lasting impression. Debic offers a wide range of dessert bases.



Debic provides a range of fillings to be used as pastry and cake fillings.


Ice & Shakes

Ice cream will make your customers smile! If you can convey your passion for making ice cream to your customers, they will melt and enjoy the ice cream even more.

New products
and inspiration

Below is a selection of recent innovations in successful partnership with our customers.

Cream plus marcarpone

Debic Cream plus Mascarpone

Debic Cream plus Mascarpone, a perfect mix of cream and mascarpone. Extra easy, extra rich! The product has been developed and tested by our customers and resulted into a perfect ready-to-use mix of cream and mascarpone. Perfect for adding richness to sweet and savoury dishes. Quick and easy to use, giving you more time to be creative.

Chefs at work

Release the saucier in you!

Don't settle for less go original. The perfect sauce starts with the perfect base. For many years Debic has been setting the standard for professional cooking cream. The unrivaled binding and cooking functionalities of Debic Culinaire Original delivers quality and a guaranteed end result, without time or production loss. Because of the 20% milk fat it ensures the ideal balance in taste, making it perfect for preparing sauces. Release the saucier in you and discover inspiring recipes in our brochure.

Stand and Overrun

Debic Stand & Overrun

Debic Stand & Overrun is especially developed for pastry creations. Perfect for decorating, filling purposes and the preparations of bavarois, mousses and ice cream. It is a modern pastry cream with 35% fat, the perfect mariage between high yield and excellent firmness.


Your collegues can tell it better than we do

Jorran Musters
Restaurant Slot Oostende

Jorran Musters

"Debic Culinaire is a perfect match with our artisanal cuisine"

Chef Nathalie de Vries
Hotel De Wageningsche Berg

Nathalie de Vries

"Thanks to Debic, everybody in our team can create perfect whipped cream"

Uncover the potential

Do you have a question or remark concerning our products or brand? Or do have a suggestion for us? Please contact us. Reach out to your trusted sales contact or fill out the contact form below.

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