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Providing the growing world population with the right nutrients in a sustainable way is one of the challenges for the coming decades. We all want to keep enjoying our planet, its beauty and the nourishment it provides . At the same time, your customers are increasingly curious, conscious and critical about the food they consume. At Frieslandcampina Professional, we want to help protect the fertile ground that feeds us all and ensure everyone gets the most nutritious and flavoursome food. That is why we are continuously working towards a fully sustainable dairy chain.

Cows in the meadow, wind mill
Further reduction of our carbon footprint


Together with our member-farmers, we are working to achieve a further reduction in our carbon footprint. One way to reduce the environmental impact is to reduce the use of energy on the farm, and to use alternative energy sources on our farms such as wind energy and solar panels. A farm is an extremely suited place for renewable energy production so we also stimulate our farmers to produce their own green energy. Already more than 60% of the renewable electricity we now use in our Dutch production locations is supplied by our own farmers.

Farmer with cows
Our farmers stimulate their cows to graze outside

Animal Health & Welfare

Cows grazing in a luscious green meadow: it is a pretty picture. Meadow grazing not only ensures the dairy sector remains visible for people, it also visualises the efforts made to preserve typical characteristics of the Dutch landscape. Therefore, our farmers stimulate their cows to graze outside. And when the time comes for the cows to go inside, our farmers provide everything for the best possible living conditions, such as soft beds and lots of space, unlimited access to fresh water and feed suitable for every individual cow. We support our farmers through Foqus planet, a unique quality and sustainability programme, which allows them to monitor their efforts 24/7 and keep track of their scores online. And we reward the good results they get!

solar panels
> 2,400 FrieslandCampina farmers are generating green energy

Biodiversity & Responsible sourcing

The performance and resilience of a dairy farm is – to a great extent – determined by the diversity of the species that grow and live there. And – to a great extent – it is the farmers themselves who can have a positive impact on the landscape. That is why we encourage them to maintain and improve biodiversity. So we can all keep enjoying the beauty and the riches our planet has to offer.

To be able to offer food professionals high-quality products we don’t only use the best milk, but also other sources, such as animal feed, extra ingredients and materials for our packaging. Every single one has its own carbon footprint and therefore impact on our planet. That is why we are constantly striving to keep all sources as sustainable as possible, by working with suppliers who share our mission. Our animal feed, for instance, contains 100% sustainable soy.